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HD-24L Pangea HDMI Cable

You don't have to spend a lot of money to get a lot of HDMI cable technology, including silver-coated signal conductors. Pangea Audio brings down the house with its superb performance as it brings down the price on a premium HDMI cable. HD-24L has silver-plated copper conductors that provide superior video signal clarity and transfer, even in long cable runs. And the quality of the copper is two grades up from the copper that you usually find in cables anywhere near the price.

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HD-24PC Pangea HDMI Cable

Treat your home theater to the highest quality copper conductors available anywhere on the planet. Pangea Audio's HD-24PC HDMI cable boasts a high-purity silver coating over audiophile-grade PCOCC (99.99999% pure) OHNO-cast copper conductors, which are typically ten-times more expensive than standard copper conductors. Thanks to this premium combination, you'll enjoy fantastic video signal clarity and audio transfer for movie magic so real, it'll blast you right out of your seat!

HD-24PC HD-24PC Purchase Now! Features

Cable Length Availability

Product/Length HD24-L HD24-PC
0.5 Meter X O
0.6 Meter O X
1 Meter X X
1.5 Meter X X
2.0 Meter X X
3.0 Meter X X
4.0 Meter O X
5.0 Meter X O
6.0 Meter O X
7.5 Meter X O
8.0 Meter O X
10.0 Meter X X
12.0 Meter X O
15.0 Meter X X

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