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AC-9 is designed specifically to deliver the clean high-current power needed by audio power amplifiers – including stereo, mono, multichannel & integrated amps – plus other highcurrent electronic components.

AC-9 Power Cable
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AC-14 has been designed specifically for low-noise wide-band delivery of power to line-level A/V components such as preamps, CD players, DVD players, DACs, and other line-level components.

AC-14 Power Cable
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Enhance the performance of source components, including preamps, CD players, tuners, and more. The Pangea Audio AC-14SE Signature Edition power cable brings the benefits of better transient response and a lower noise floor.

AC-14SE Power Cable
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Cable Length Availability

Product/Length AC-14 AC-9 AC-14SE
1 Meter X X X
1.5 Meter X X X
2.0 Meter X X X
3.0 Meter X X X
4.0 Meter X X X
5.0 Meter X X X

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