Pangea Speaker Stands

Larger speakers need heavy-duty support, which the Pangea Audio DS-3 stand provides, thanks to its ultra-rigid steel construction and audiophile design. Although it's packed with sound enhancing features that you usually only find on premium-priced stands, the DS-3 is amazingly affordable.

Pangea DS-3 Speaker Stands

Pangea Audio's LS-2 speaker stand is perfect for bookshelf-size and smaller speakers weighing up to 32 lbs. The combination of audiophile features and affordability makes them easy on the ears as well as on the wallet.

Pangea LS-2 Speaker Stands

Stand Height Availability

Product/Length LS-2 DS-3
24 Inch X X
28 Inch X X
32 Inch X O
36 Inch X O

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